System introduction

The Stamping Line Tail Scheduling System is a scheduling and management system that automatically guides vehicles, aiming to optimize the operational efficiency of vehicles and improve the automation level of logistics production lines. Through intelligent task scheduling and path planning, it enables AGVs to efficiently execute various material transport tasks.

Stamping line tail scheduling system

Task scheduling and assignment

Path planning

Resource management

Real-time monitor and schedule

Trouble shooting

Core value


Achieve intelligent warehouse management efficiently and cost-effectively.

Maximized Efficiency

Enable collaborative work of robots without interference, maximizing efficiency.

System module

1、Task Scheduling and Assignment

Intelligently allocate tasks to available AGVs based on task requirements and priorities to ensure timely task completion.

2、Path Planning

Plan the optimal driving path for each AGV to avoid collisions and congestion, and improve transportation efficiency.

3、Resource Management

Manage resources required for AGVs, such as charging stations and loading/unloading areas, to ensure availability and rational distribution.

4、Real-time Monitoring and Scheduling

By monitoring the position and status of AGVs, adjust tasks and paths in real time to optimize the scheduling scheme.

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