System introduction

The Die Foreign Object Detection System accurately identifies foreign objects (such as residual materials and punches) inside the mold cavity by recognizing residual materials and punches. It automatically halts the stamping operation to protect the mold from damage.

Presence of residues, punches, or products left inside the mold

Verification of proper feeding of material strip into the stamping mold

Detection of any missed punching holes

System characteristics


Accurately determine whether there are foreign objects in the mold cavity.


Protect stamping molds from damage.


Improves the level of automation in the stamping process.


Significantly improves operator productivity.

Hardware | software

一、Image capturing

Real-time monitoring of the production situation in the mold area and automatic alarms in case of abnormalities.

二、Algorithmic Detection

1、Normal: the compressor continues to press down;

2、Abnormal: alarm and shutdown

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