Gestamp visited Aotto to exchange ideas and explore cooperation


  Recently, a delegation from Gestamp, a world-renowned automotive components manufacturer headquartered in Spain, came to Jinan to make a site visit to Aotto's automated production line. The purpose of the visit was to investigate Aotto's technology, product quality and production capacity, hoping to establish a solid foundation for cooperation in the future.


Jinan Aotto 2023 Greenhouse Gas Emission Verification Report


Aotto Technology and YAdon Reach Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Predictive Maintenance


  On January 2, 2024, Jinan Aotto Technology Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou Forging Machine Tool Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation on predictive maintenance and fault self-diagnosis systems for press machines. This cooperation aims to predict and prevent faults through monitoring and other methods, thereby reducing maintenance costs for customers' press machines, guiding customers to use equipment more reasonably, and further improving the efficiency of stamping equipment operation. With complementary advantages, both parties will utilize digital technology to make press machine operation leaner and enhance customer competitiveness.


Aotto successfully delivered the first hot forming production line exported to Europe,


  The first hot forming line for the Slovakian factory of STELLANTIS, the world's fourth largest automotive group, was successfully delivered by Tianduan, Schwarz and Aotto.


Intelligent Manufacturing Curtain Opens--Hongqi Predictive Maintenance System


  In August 2020, Jinan Aotto Automation Co., Ltd. and China FAW Group Hongqi Automobile signed the contract of predictive maintenance system for intelligent production line of Hongqi Automobile, and constructed predictive maintenance system for Hongqi H9 workshop. This project is of great significance to develop Aotto's MES application.


Aotto's High-Speed Single-Arm Robot Delivered and Used, Helping Customers Significantly Improve Production Efficiency


  Aotto's high-speed single-arm robot has been applied to the high-speed stamping line and successfully delivered to the customer (Zhixin Liuan factory). Currently, the production line has produced more than 20 sets of molds with two modes: intermittent and continuous, and 24-hour uninterrupted production, which ensures the continuous supply of the user.

  This single-arm production line is the first time for domestic stamping automation to be applied to the press of dry clutch. Our technical engineers overcame the difficulty of parallel mold production of complex molds and realized the continuous production of one mold and two pieces in 15spm, which fully demonstrates the characteristics of Aotto's single-arm manipulator of high speed, high flexibility, and wide adaptability, and the single-arm performance indexes have greatly exceeded the requirements of the technical agreement.


AWIZ Hot Forming Visual Die Protection and Quality Trace System Delivers One More Set


  Aotto always understands the core needs of users and strives to create value for them. For example, reducing the demand for manpower in production positions, letting robots automatically perform tasks that humans used to do, and letting intelligent systems handle tasks that require intelligence, thereby reducing labor costs, lowering error rates, and increasing production efficiency.

  AWIZ focuses on providing intelligent and informative system solutions. Among them, the visual die protection and quality trace system for hot forming has already been applied to hot forming automation system.

  Recently, another set of visual die protection and quality trace system was successfully delivered to Nanjing YiFeng.


Laser Blanking Line - First Batch of Automotive Exterior Sheets Successfully Rolled Off the Production Line.


  Aotto's LBL3-1850X3HSA has been put into operation at the customer's factory, and the first batch of automotive exterior sheets have been successfully rolled off the production line after the mass production of interior parts and hot-formed parts.


Aotto and Zhixin Group Signed a Supply Contract for High-Speed Single-Arm Robot Stamping Automation Line


  At the beginning of the New Year, Aotto won the bidding for the 1600-ton high-speed single-arm stamping automation line of Chongqing Zhixin Industrial Group and successfully signed the contract.


"Innovation Leads to the Future" - Aotto's New Product Launch Event Grandly Held


  From August 17th to 19th, 2022, the 6th International Conference on High-Strength Steel and Stamping Forming (ICHSU) was successfully held in Wuhan•Hanchuan. Aotto was led by Chairman Mr. He Ruilin, Executive Vice President Mr. Miao Jinzhong and personnel from the technical, marketing, and sales departments. They showcased the Hot Forming Precision Temperature Measurement Software, Aovita Intelligent Gripping Products, Aosaff Safety Protection System, and three new products. Through gathering, sharing and exchanging with the domestic and international material, process and equipment elites in the hot forming industry, Aotto will grasp the most cutting-edge trends in the industry, expand new ideas for future development, and seek for broader and deeper cooperation opportunities.

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