Aotto's High-Speed Single-Arm Robot Delivered and Used, Helping Customers Significantly Improve Production Efficiency


  Aotto's high-speed single-arm robot has been applied to the high-speed stamping line and successfully delivered to the customer (Zhixin Liuan factory). Currently, the production line has produced more than 20 sets of molds with two modes: intermittent and continuous, and 24-hour uninterrupted production, which ensures the continuous supply of the user.

  This single-arm production line is the first time for domestic stamping automation to be applied to the press of dry clutch. Our technical engineers overcame the difficulty of parallel mold production of complex molds and realized the continuous production of one mold and two pieces in 15spm, which fully demonstrates the characteristics of Aotto's single-arm manipulator of high speed, high flexibility, and wide adaptability, and the single-arm performance indexes have greatly exceeded the requirements of the technical agreement.

  Features of Aotto's high-speed single-arm robot:

  High efficiency: Improves 20%-30% compared to traditional robots, with a continuous stamping beat of up to 15spm.

  High flexibility: With 6+2 degrees of freedom, it meets the production of dual-mode stamping lines and separation of dual parts.

  Wide adaptability: Suitable for the renovation of old lines with a press spacing of 5.5m-7.5m and the integration of new lines, capable of high-speed production of various automotive exterior sheets.

  Aotto will continue to uphold the concept of "committed to innovation, pursuing excellence," continuously develop better-performing automation products, and continue to support the industrial upgrading of China's manufacturing industry.

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