Aotto Technology and YAdon Reach Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Predictive Maintenance


  On January 2, 2024, Jinan Aotto Technology Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou Forging Machine Tool Co., Ltd. reached a strategic cooperation on predictive maintenance and fault self-diagnosis systems for press machines. This cooperation aims to predict and prevent faults through monitoring and other methods, thereby reducing maintenance costs for customers' press machines, guiding customers to use equipment more reasonably, and further improving the efficiency of stamping equipment operation. With complementary advantages, both parties will utilize digital technology to make press machine operation leaner and enhance customer competitiveness.

  Yangzhou Forging Machine Tool Co., Ltd., as a leading enterprise in the domestic forging machinery industry, has rich product lines and strong R&D capabilities in the fields of stamping and forging. It provides a large number of efficient and reliable stamping production lines for industries such as new energy vehicles, household appliances, motors, hardware, electronics, rail transit, and aerospace, enjoying an excellent reputation among users.

  Jinan Aotto Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Jinan Aotto Automation Co., Ltd. and focuses on providing intelligent solutions for the manufacturing industry, with strong technical strength and rich industry experience.

  In order to meet the demand for intelligent manufacturing upgrades to reduce costs and increase efficiency for forging users, Aotto and YAdon have joined forces to jointly develop predictive maintenance and fault self-diagnosis systems suitable for stamping equipment. This system helps companies monitor the operating status of press machines in real-time, identify potential faults in advance, issue warnings, ensure continuous operation in optimal condition, effectively reduce equipment failure rates, and improve production efficiency.

  Press machines equipped with predictive maintenance systems have the following features:

❂ Improve operational efficiency   Real-time monitoring of equipment operating status, timely identification and resolution of potential issues, ensuring that equipment is always in optimal condition and improving production efficiency.

❂ Reduce maintenance costs   By analyzing equipment operating data, potential faults can be predicted in advance and warnings issued, avoiding unexpected downtime and maintenance costs due to equipment failures.

❂ Improve product quality   Stable equipment status helps improve the consistency and reliability of product quality, meeting customer demands for high-quality products.

❂ Optimize maintenance plans   By analyzing equipment operating data, more scientific and reasonable maintenance plans can be formulated, optimizing the allocation of maintenance time and resources, and improving maintenance efficiency.

  Looking ahead, Aotto and YAdon will jointly explore more possibilities for digital intelligence value-added services to help more forging customers enhance their competitiveness. We believe that, with the joint efforts of both parties, predictive maintenance technology will lead the industry's development, promote the advancement of China's forging industry technology, and drive the digital upgrade and high-quality development of the industry.

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