Aotto and Zhixin Group Signed a Supply Contract for High-Speed Single-Arm Robot Stamping Automation Line


  At the beginning of the New Year, Aotto won the bidding for the 1600-ton high-speed single-arm stamping automation line of Chongqing Zhixin Industrial Group and successfully signed the contract.

  Chongqing Zhixin Industry Group is a well-known domestic manufacturer specializing in the research and development and production of automotive stamping and welding components. It owns several wholly-owned subsidiaries and production bases distributed across the country, with an annual output value exceeding 1.5 billion yuan. It is a primary core supplier of stamping and welding components to numerous domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers. It has been recognized as an "Excellent/Outstanding Supplier" in Changan Ford's supply system for 11 consecutive years, and has received the "Excellent Supplier" and "Quality Contribution Award" from Changan for 16 consecutive years, as well as the "Excellent Quality Award" from SAIC-GM Wuling multiple times.

  One of the main reasons for Zhixin Industry Group's rapid and remarkable development achievements is its strict control over the qualification of equipment suppliers and the selection of high-quality production equipment. Autu Corporation adheres to the strategy of "product leadership" with the core aim of "creating value for customers." The signing of the contract for the high-speed single-arm robot perfectly aligns with the shared philosophy of both parties.

  The high-speed single-arm robot stamping production line consists of five presses and an automated handling system, used for the stamping production of automotive body panels. Processes including destacking, alignment, press feeding, inter-press transfer, and end-of-line unloading are all automated.

  Key features include:   - 20% to 30% higher production efficiency compared to traditional robot stamping lines   - 12-15spm beat rate   - One-button ATC enables rapid die change and tooling change   - High adaptability and flexibility,   - Suitable for press center distances of 5.5 to 8 meters   - The single-arm robot has 6+2 degrees of freedom, catering to the needs of mold production   - Continuous mode operation, supporting mixed production of steel and aluminum sheets   - Supports expansion of line capacity with unmanned loading by whole-line AGV   Intelligent Factory Planning and Design

  Aotto firmly adheres to the concept of "Commitment to Innovation, Pursuit of Excellence", continuously implements the strategy of "product leadership," genuinely focuses on the core needs of customers, and strives to provide high-quality automation integration services to users.

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