Laser Blanking Line - First Batch of Automotive Exterior Sheets Successfully Rolled Off the Production Line.


  Aotto's LBL3-1850X3HSA has been put into operation at the customer's factory, and the first batch of automotive exterior sheets have been successfully rolled off the production line after the mass production of interior parts and hot-formed parts.

  The laser blanking line takes the laser head follower cutting technology as the core, continuously conveys and cuts all kinds of metal sheets, realizes the fully automatic production from coils to stacks. It is suitable for the production of small batches, multiple varieties, and trial products. Compared with traditional Press Blanking, it has the following significant advantages:

  Less factory investment: Ordinary plant, ordinary cranes are sufficient.

  Low maintenance costs: No mold costs.

  Good flexibility: It can easily change product categories through simple programming.

  Aotto multi-head high-end laser blanking line LBL3-1850X3HSA is fully enclosed.

  Clean environment, three laser heads processing at the same time.

  High efficiency and follow belt support.

  The surface is scratch-free and has multiple cleaning functions, which is more suitable for the processing of automobile exterior sheet parts.

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