Gestamp visited Aotto to exchange ideas and explore cooperation


  Recently, a delegation from Gestamp, a world-renowned automotive components manufacturer headquartered in Spain, came to Jinan to make a site visit to Aotto's automated production line. The purpose of the visit was to investigate Aotto's technology, product quality and production capacity, hoping to establish a solid foundation for cooperation in the future.

  The delegation consisted of Gestamp's Asia-Pacific Purchasing Director and technical experts, who highly appreciated Aotto's outstanding achievements in the field of automation of automotive metal forming. Accompanied by General Manager of Aotto Technology Puxuan He, the delegation visited the production workshop, R&D centre and product quality testing centre, and learned about Aotto's advanced production equipment and rigorous quality management system.

  During the visit, Mr. He introduced Aotto's core technology, product development and market application in automotive metal forming automation field in detail for the customers. Especially for the customer's concern of double-hole laser welded blanking line, industrial safety protection and robotic tool change and other core products, Aotto's technical advantages of high precision, high efficiency, and high stability were highly recognized by the delegation.

  Aotto and the delegation exchanged views on market trends, technological innovations, and modes of co-operation. The delegation expressed that they were deeply impressed by Aotto's technical strength and product quality, and were very much looking forward to establishing a long-term and stable cooperation relationship with Aotto in the future.

  Aotto warmly welcomed the visit of Gestamp delegation and will do its best to provide with high quality products and services. At the same time, Aotto also expressed the willingness to explore new technologies, applications and markets with Gestamp to jointly promote the development of the global automotive lightweight metal forming industry.

  The visit has deepened the understanding and trust between the two parties and established a good foundation for their future cooperation. In the future, Aotto and Gestamp will further strengthen communication and cooperation, jointly promote the innovation and application of automation technology, and make greater contribution to the development of global industrial automation field.

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